First, we must settle one of two issues before you continue reading this article. The first issue is straight forward, a „direct-punch-to-the-nose“ kind of a question:

Do you believe cancer is „beatable?“
I don’t mean, „Sometime in the future…“
I think everyone believes „some day“, „somewhere“, „someone“ will discover the cure.

Nor do I mean anything like, „Is cancer treatable where people temporarily overcome the disease through the burning of radiation, the surgeon’s knife or the necessarily toxic effects of chemotherapy?“
That we all know is possible….

No, my question is far more specific:
In your opinion, is Cancer… Curable…Stoppable …Conquerable… Whatever synonym you supply, the question remains…Is it or isn’t it defeatable?
Yes or no. Can we whip this thing?

…Because if, in your heart of hearts, you believe Cancer is NOT ‚defeatable’… there’s no sense in continuing this letter.
However, if you’re like me, you believe it’s certainly defeatable. Now the only question that remains:

Is Cancer NOW facing REAL defeat?

Since we all have a healthy fear of being „sold“ the next bottle of snake oil, we need to establish that the claims being made are credible and reliable. Incidentally, I am NOT selling you anything in this letter. I believe you should consider a product or two…but not here.

So, let’s deal with cancer:

“ According to the American Cancer Society, „cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. If the spread is not controlled, it can result in death.“
“ Cancers tend to metastasize (spread) over time, causing destruction of healthy tissue and damage to bodily functions…
“ If left unchecked, cancers can cause death. However, even the treatments for cancer can be destructive to healthy tissues and can do severe damage to bodily functions (side effects)…
“ Over the past 100 years, cancers have grown into epidemic proportions without any scientific explanation for the sudden surge in their appearance. Remember, cancer was once comparatively RARE.
“ BUT, scientists have now concluded cancer is fundamentally a breakdown of the immune system. As the immune system goes, so goes the cancer. That fact is the new approach …and it has a whole world of scientific evidence behind it.

Consider carefully:

Changing Cancer Cells‘ Surface Sugars Can Inhibit Tumor Growth

„According to the research of scientists, as published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, altering the sugar coats of cancer cells can control cancer.“
( published in the Scientific American, Jan. 22, 2002)

In other words, „sugar“ is a BIG issue in the medical, alternative, and complementary health world. The words „Glycomics“ and „Glyconutrition“ have sprung up in the vocabulary of health authorities around the world. (Glyco is the Greek word for „sugar.“). These sciences refer to the study of biological sugars. What makes these „sugars“ so important is among the over 200 known sugars around the world, there are 8 sugars which medical research has isolated as VITAL to human immune system functioning.

The 1999 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Dr. Gunter Blobel for his work in the science of Glycobiology. Out of the last eight Nobel Prizes awarded in medicine, four Nobel Prizes have been awarded for discoveries made in ONE field…Glycobiology. This is the field that affects CANCER directly. Why? Because, 8 sugars have been isolated that strengthen the immune system and cell communication. Human life cannot be supported without them.

The field is glyconutrition. Glyconutrients are NOT vitamins, amino acids or minerals. Scientifically, glyconutrients are a class all by themselves. The field is revolutionizing the medical world. For the first time in a long time, many authorities in both the conventional medical world and those of the alternative world are in agreement. Powerful glyconutrients have already been included in the Physicians Desk Reference (post 2002), the „Bible“ of physicians everywhere throughout the country.

Why? Consider…
Four Ways Glyconutrients Fight Cancers*
1. Macrophage and Immune killer cells are stimulated by glyconutritional supplementation to destroy malignancies.
2. Glyconutrional research shows that glyconutrients increase the production of substances in the body that target cancer cells for destruction, such as interferon.
3. Glyconutrients activate T-cells to recognize and destroy invasive and abnormal cells.
4. Glyconutrients help regulate the process of apoptosis- the natural „dying off“ process in cellular systems.

If these processes are restrained – due to a variety of factors such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, poor glyconutritional dietary habits, etc., the body will fail to prevent the onset of cancer.
(Cited in Miracle Sugars, Rita Elkins, M.H., Woodland Publishing, p. 29)
Note How the Scientific World is Successfully Combating Cancer with the New Discoveries in Glycoscience

The revolutionary „glyconutrition“ discoveries found over the past decade have stunned the scientific world. If that sounds „more hype than hope“ you might want to take just a few moments to consider just a few developments:
In 1985, an issue of Cancer Research reported the formation of cancer cells in the colon and in the stomach was directly and UNMISTAKENLY related to the absence of glyconutrition or the presence of deformed sugar molecules. Since then, scientists at the University of South Florida believe confirmation of the glyconutritional linkage to cancer inhibition and its spread is profound. For example, according to the 1997 issue of Anticancer Research science periodical, glyconutrition decreases the number of liver tumors.

In addition,
„Dr. Ronald Klatz reported in the now incredibly famous medical research study nicknamed „Norman’s Rats“, 40% of the animals that had no defense whatsoever against cancer and were injected with just ONE of the eight essential glyconutritionals, showed „tumor regression and complete recovery.“

– Advances in Anti-Aging Medicine, Vol. 1, 1996 by Dr. Ronald Klatz.
Obviously, YOU and I must find out about Glyconutrition…for the sake of our health and for those we love.

It is for that reason, and that reason alone, I have written this open letter…