Company Wraps Calcium Into Candy

Doctors will tell you that as you age, bones lose strength because they lose calcium. They also stress the need to add more calcium to your diet, either with dairy products or supplements.

Your dentist will say that your teeth are made up of calcium, to a large extent, so the need for calcium is important in order to ensure your teeth stay strong. Meanwhile, cardiologists are discovering that one of the critical elements of a healthy heart is the level of calcium in the body.

So how do you add more calcium to your diet? One option is to double the daily intake of low-fat dairy foods such as milk and cheese, but this may be unrealistic.

Most nutritional supplement providers offer a calcium pill. But to many, swallowing a large, chalky tasting pill is also not the best option. Dallas-based Mosaic Nutraceuticals has introduced a new approach: calcium supplements in candy form.

„We’re making it easier to take the supplements that we all need by putting those supplements into candy,“ said Charles Townsend, chief executive officer of Mosaic.

Mosaic’s Premium Calcium soft candy chews are loaded with vitamin supplements, he said. The chews have 500 milligrams of calcium as well as vitamins D and K.