Mangosteen has been a big word in the herbal supplement arena for quite some time the reason for this is the xanthone flavonoids and other compounds found in Mangosteen The xanthone flavonoids and other compounds in Mangosteen fruit are responsible for its high level of antioxidant activity. In vitro tests have been conducted on XanoMaxtm Mangosteen 10% extract to determine the level of free radical scavenging ability in both watery and fatty environments. A major test recognized as the industry standard for measuring antioxidant activity is known as the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) assay.

The ORAC test is an in vitro assay that works by measuring the amount of free radical damage done to a fluorescent probe (measured by a change in probe intensity). Antioxidants lessen the damage to the probe fluorescence, which indicates a reduction in free radical damage. This measure is used to quantify the antioxidant’s (or combination of antioxidants) capacity to quench free radicals. This quantification is known as the total ORAC value.

The total ORAC value provides a relative measure of total antioxidant strength of any substance, allowing for comparison of different mixtures. A high ORAC value corresponds to a high total in vitro antioxidant capacity.

The development of the ORAC test has led to a number of commonly eaten foods being assessed in terms of total ORAC scores per serving. Similarly, particular combinations of antioxidants, such as those in nutritional formulas, can also be assessed for their total ORAC scores. This has led to the ability to determine the potential usefulness of a particular supplement in increasing overall antioxidant capacity.

When XanoMaxtm Mangosteen 10% extract was tested for ORAC value, the resulting antioxidant potential was over 3,500 ORAC units per gram of extract. This result is extremely high. ORAC values of compounds vary with their nutrient concentration, moisture content and other factors. For comparison purposes, whole blueberries, considered to be a rich source of antioxidants, had an ORAC value of 61 units per gram, while pomegranate tested at 105 ORAC units per gram.1 XanoMaxtm Mangosteen extract scoring at 3,500 ORAC units is a potentially rich source of beneficial antioxidants to the body. Free radicals are produced every day in the human body and an over abundance of free radicals can damage cells. If enough cells get damaged one can get cancer, organ damage and pre mature aging. Some say that free radicals speed up the aging process and taking supplements that have a high ORAC can help slow down the aging process and help us look younger and live longer.

There are many vitamins and herbs on the market today that help fight free radical damage in the body, Mangosteen just happens to have one of the highest ORAC value for your, give it a try and see how you feel.

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