Some Dangers One Can Expect From Taking Extra HGH

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) has become a popular supplement for those wishing to increase their body mass and strength. But as with all shortcuts in this area, there comes the natural dangers and side effects usually not listed by those selling HGH products. The number one, best way to get HGH is naturally, through a good weight-training program. The second best way is through prescription HGH, approved only by your doctor, which has been approved by the FDA (which are normally by injection only, not pills or sprays). Trouble is, most of the over the counter HGH supplements are not FDA approved and provide the most risk and most dangers for those taking them.

Prescription HGH injections (not those prescribed over the web, by a doctor in Brazil) work well, but as with all drugs, come with side effects. The most obvious one is that since the prescription injections are so strong and provide you with more HGH than your body needs, your body will essentially decide that is has enough HGH and stop making it naturally. So injection HGH should be taken only with a doctor’s advice or a doctor’s supervision. But let us talk about the possible dangers if you come across fake or counterfeit HGH supplements. If the FDA or DEA doesn’t approve it, it is probably a fake. If it is cheap, it is probably a fake too. A years worth of HGH injections can cost about $10,000. But do you really want to take the „cheap“ way out when dealing with your health and body?

Some typical dangers of any HGH product are a higher risk for developing forms of cancer and even diabetes. Some people even reported a resistance to their insulin. Carpal tunnel syndrome, while common for anyone who uses a computer daily, can become inflamed. Some female patients of HGH report gynecomastia (enlarging of the breasts). Since HGH helps repair bones too, taking extra HGH can cause acromegaly, which is an unusual growth in bones of the wrist and hands. Also on the feet and ankles.